Critical Information Policy Studies

The Critical Information Studies concentration will be formally renamed Critical Information Policy Studies for the 2014 incoming class.

In Critical Information Policy Studies (CIS) information is understood not as a pre-existing entity to be stored, managed, or accessed. Instead, students will become familiar with methods and theories that address how information is created, used, and transformed, in practice and in context.  A focus on the material processes and practices of contemporary society is intended to promote engagement and intervention in these practices, from a variety of professional and social positions.

Students will:

  • Gain an understanding of the relationships between information and social transformation or entrenchment
  • Develop an understanding of the mutual relationships between information systems and their political, economic, historical, and cultural contexts
  • Learn to evaluate how choices about information systems affect the growth and development of institutions, and vice versa
  • Learn about the critical perspectives and methods used to acknowledge and encompass cultural and social differences
  • Acquire an understanding about how information processes are useful in the constitution of social subjectivities


CIS Concentration Requirements


FCE = Full Course Equivalent(s)

  • CORE: two quarter courses (0.5 FCE)
    1. INF1005H  Information Workshop
    2. INF1006H  Information Workshop
  • REQUIRED: five half courses (2.5 FCE)
    1. INF1001H  Knowledge and Information in Society
    2. INF2181H  Information Policy, Regulation, and Law
    3. INF2198H  Critical Histories of Information Technologies
    4. INF2240H  Political Economy and Cultural Studies of Information
    5. INF2242H  Studying Information and Knowledge Practices
  • ELECTIVES: suggested courses
    • INF2124H  Surveillance and Identity
    • INF2125H  Information and Culture in a Global Context
    • INF2142H  Theories of Classification and Knowledge Organization
    • INF2155H  The Public Library in the Community: Developing a Critical Practice
    • INF2167H  Community Informatics
    • INF2221H  Digital Divides and Information Professionals: Developing a Critical Practice
    • INF2241H  Critical Making
    • INF2331H  The Future of the Book
    • KMD2004H  Social Issues in Information and Communications Technologies
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