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Faculty of Information, University of Toronto professors, instructors, and students are often asked to comment on breaking news, trends, and industry developments. Below are links to recent media coverage that they have received for providing expert opinion and research-based information on a wide range of daily issues important to Canadians.

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PhD student Jenna Jacobson in FASHION Magazine (February 2016): Digital Presence

Professor Seamus Ross in The Varsity (January 26, 2016): A beginner’s guide to wi-fi at U of T

Doctoral student, Quinn DuPont, in ft.com (January 20, 2016): Blockchain raises fundamental questions

Professor Kelly Lyons in Globe and Mail (January 18, 2016): With tech giants like Google going after female talent, how can startups compete?

Professor Kelly Lyons in Dallas Morning News (December 21, 2015): "How public schools aren’t living up to our expectations in computer science education."

Professor Andrew Clement in expertIP (also Techvibes; Phys Org; Data Center Knowledge) (December, 16, 2015): Star Wars tech: close to reality or just real cool?

Professor Brett Caraway in Toronto Star (October 19, 2015): Threats against Ontario universities part of a pranking ‘echo chamber’

PhD student Jenna Jacobson in The Globe and Mail (Oct 17, 2015): "Campuses grapple with response to online threats"

Professor Matt Brower and Yan Zhou (MMSt '11) in China Daily (US edition) on September 30, 2015: Photographic memories

Professor Andrew Clement on Global News (August 21, 2015): Will the Ashley Madison hack force us to take online privacy more seriously?

Students Shuai Wang and Akash Venkat, in Globe and Mail (August 9, 2015): U of T students’ artificially intelligent robot signs with Dentons law firm

Professor Kelly Lyons in IT World Canada (July 15, 2015): "U of T and Dell Research collaborate on how to find expertise within an organization"

Hervé Saint-Louis, a PhD student, in L'Expresse (main French-language newspaper in Toronto), July 7-13, 2015: Hervé St-Louis aime l’action américaine rétro

Thomas Garside, a Master of Information student, in Huffington Post (June 26, 2015):  "I, Robot Leg: These U of T Students are Walking People with Disabilities Into a New Age"

Dr. Matt Brower, iSchool Instructor, in Atlas Obscura (June 17, 2015): "Shooting Animals: The Surprising Legacy of Camera Traps"

Professor Andrew Clement on "Here and Now," CBC Radio 1 Toronto (June 2, 2015)

Jenna Jacobson, a PhD candidate, on CBC Radio 1 Paris (May 29, 2015)

Professor Matt Ratto on Global News (May 27, 2015): "Ryerson DMZ 'smart kitchen' gives sneak peak into homes of the future

Gabby Resch, a PhD student, in Toronto Star (May 14, 2015): "Blind mom ‘sees’ 3D image of her unborn son"

Professor Sara Grimes in the Calgary Herald and Edmonton Journal (May 8, 2015):  "Barriers breaking down for disabled videogamers"

Professor Siobhan Stevenson and Senior Fellow, Wendy Newman in MacLeans Magazine (April 30, 2015): "Power Tools and Paperbacks Now Under One Roof in Toronto"

Professor Andrew Clement, iSchool graduate George Raine, iSchool student Jillian Harkness, and Professor Christoph Becker in U of T News (April 13, 2015): “Edward Snowden Archive: University of Toronto project gives you access to all leaked NSA documents

Professor Andrew Clement in Toronto Star (March 23, 2015): "Majority of Canadians oppose state surveillance, new report says"

The iSchool’s Politics of Surveillance Project on CBC News (March 4, 2015): “Edward Snowden archive aims to ‘piece together the bigger picture’”

Jake Paleczny, a Museum Studies graduate, in University of Toronto Magazine and U of T News (February 27, 2015 and March 4, 2015): “North of 60” and “Working north of 60: Museum Studies grad manages visitor experience at Yukon Wildlife Preserve

Professor Andrew Clement on CTV News (Feb. 26, 2015): "How many cameras are watching you? Toronto professor concerned about privacy"

Professor Matt Ratto on CBC News (Feb. 16, 2015): "Canadian team uses 3D printer to make artificial legs for Ugandans"

Dean and Professor Seamus Ross in U of T News (February 4, 2015): “At risk: preservation of new and historical material in Canada’s libraries, archives, museums and galleries

Professor Wendy Duff, iSchool student Carolyn Peckoskie, Dean and Professor Seamus Ross, and ischool student Bridgette Kelly in U of T News (January 28, 2015): “Matching top students with opportunities in Canada’s top library system” 

iSchool students Shuai Wang and Akash Venkat, Professor Kelly Lyons, and Professor Eric Yu in U of T News (January 14, 2015): “U of T team takes second place in IBM Watson challenge

Wendy Newman, Senior Fellow and Lecturer, in ALA News (January 13, 2015): “ALA joins Canadian Library Association and Toronto iSchool to offer ‘Library Advocacy Unshushed’ MOOC

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