Faculty Directory

Name Position Email Phone
Stephen Abram Sessional Lecturer stephen.abram@gmail.com (416) 533 4855
Susan Barker Librarian, Sessional Instructor susan.barker@utoronto.ca
Rachel E.  Beattie Sessional Instructor rai.beattie@utoronto.ca 416-978-4601
Christoph Becker Assistant Professor, Director of the DCI christoph.becker@utoronto.ca 416-946-5367
Catherine Blackbourn Sessional Instructor cathy.blackbourn@utoronto.ca
Jeffrey Boase Associate Professor j.boase@utoronto.ca (905) 569-4899
Matthew Brower Assistant Professor and Director of Museum Studies matthew.brower@utoronto.ca 416-978-3035
Kenzie Burchell Assistant Professor of Journalism kenzie.burchell@utoronto.ca
Nadia Caidi Associate Professor nadia.caidi@utoronto.ca 4169784664
Brett Caraway Assistant Professor (UTM), Cross-appointed brett.caraway@utoronto.ca 905-569-4503
Pearce Carefoote Librarian, Sessional Instructor pearce.carefoote@utoronto.ca 416-946-3173
M. Christine Castle Sessional Instructor christine.castle@utoronto.ca 905-922-6544
Alissa Centivany Instructor, Faculty of Information & Research Associate, Faculty of Law a.centivany@utoronto.ca
Chun Wei Choo Professor cw.choo@utoronto.ca 416-978-5266
Nicole Cohen Assistant Professor nicole.cohen@utoronto.ca
Costis Dallas Director of Museum Studies & Associate Professor costis.dallas@utoronto.ca 416-978-7097
Alessandro Delfanti Assistant Professor a.delfanti@utoronto.ca
Juris Dilevko Associate Professor juris.dilevko@utoronto.ca 416-978-7089
Max Dionisio Sessional Instructor max.dionisio@utoronto.ca
Jean Dryden Sessional Instructor j.dryden@utoronto.ca
Wendy Duff Interim Dean wendy.duff@utoronto.ca 416-978-3152
Monique Flaccavento Sessional Instructor monique.flaccavento@utoronto.ca
Fiorella Foscarini Assistant Professor fiorella.foscarini@utoronto.ca 416-978-8295
Colin Furness Assistant Professor (status) & Sessional Lecturer II colin.furness@utoronto.ca 416-978-3152
Alan Galey Associate Professor alan.galey@utoronto.ca 416-946-5361
Bobby Glushko Librarian, Sessional Instructor bobby.glushko@utoronto.ca
Greta Golick Sessional Instructor greta.golick@utoronto.ca
Sara Grimes Associate Professor sara.grimes@utoronto.ca 4169785269
Sunita Guyadeen Sessional Instructor sunita.guyadeen@utoronto.ca
Jenna Hartel Associate Professor jenna.hartel@utoronto.ca 416-506-1636
Lynne C. Howarth Professor lynne.howarth@utoronto.ca 416-978-4666
Adriana Ieraci Sessional Instructor adriana.ieraci@utoronto.ca
Patrick Keilty Assistant Professor p.keilty@utoronto.ca (416) 946-3809
Cara Krmpotich cara.krmpotich@utoronto.ca 416-978-7802
Kelly Lyons Associate Professor kelly.lyons@utoronto.ca 416-946-3839
Loryl MacDonald Sessional Instructor loryl.macdonald@utoronto.ca
Heather MacNeil Professor h.macneil@utoronto.ca 416-978-4716
Susan Maltby Sessional Instructor susan.maltby@utoronto.ca 416-921-2877
Mike McCaffrey Lecturer michael.mccaffrey@utoronto.ca
Rhonda McEwen Assistant Professor rhonda.mcewen@utoronto.ca 4163013181
Leslie McGrath Sessional Instructor leslie.mcgrath@utoronto.ca
Hooley McLaughlin Sessional Instructor hooley.mclaughlin@utoronto.ca 416-978-8296
Irina Mihalache Assistant Professor irina.mihalache@utoronto.ca 416-946-5364
Cosmin Munteanu Assistant Professor (UTM, cross-appointed) cosmin.munteanu@utoronto.ca
Victoria Owen Sessional Instructor owen@utsc.utoronto.ca 416-287-7519
Daniel Payne Sessional Instructor daniel.payne@utoronto.ca
David J. Phillips Associate Professor davidj.phillips@utoronto.ca 416-978-7098
Matthew Price Sessional Instructor matt.price@utoronto.ca
Matt Ratto Associate Professor matt.ratto@utoronto.ca 4166664981
Seamus Ross Professor seamus.ross@utoronto.ca 416 978 5763
Dominique Scheffel-Dunand Visiting Professor d.scheffel.dunand@utoronto.ca 416-978-7026
Aviv Shachak Associate Professor aviv.shachak@utoronto.ca 416-978-0998
Leslie Regan  Shade Associate Dean, Research & Associate Professor leslie.shade@utoronto.ca 416-978-7110
Brock Silversides Librarian, Sessional Instructor brock.silversides@utoronto.ca
Susan Elliott Sim Lecturer susan.sim@utoronto.ca 647-970-9425
Karen Louise Smith Post-doctoral Research Fellow & Sessional Instructor karen.louise.smith@utoronto.ca
Brian Cantwell Smith Professor brian.cantwell.smith@utoronto.ca 416-946-5402
Barbara Soren Adjunct Faculty barbara.soren@utoronto.ca
Alan Stanbridge Associate Professor (UTSC) alan.stanbridge@utoronto.ca 416-978-8946
Siobhan Stevenson Associate Professor siobhan.stevenson@utoronto.ca 416-978-8285
Stephen Szigeti Sessional Instructor steve.szigeti@utoronto.ca
Sheila Taylor Sessional Instructor sheila.taylor@utoronto.ca
Karen Turko Adjunct faculty karen.turko@utoronto.ca
Vicki Whitmell Sessional Instructor vicki.whitmell@utoronto.ca
Eric Yu Professor eric.yu@utoronto.ca +1 416 978 3107
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