Master of Information

In this innovative program information is explored in all its breath, depth and richness. Become the next generation of valued professionals who are able to lead the progression of information design, organization, storage, access and retrieval, dissemination, preservation, conservation, policy and management.

Foundational beliefs
  • Information penetrates all aspects of our digitally-mediated society
  • Information professionals need to understand the political, technological, and epistemological consequences of rapidly changing information practices
  • Education of information professionals must therefore address issues of leadership and critical thinking, and engage in studies of fundamental concepts, theories, and practices
  • Thorough explorations of technology and resources for information institutions, services, and professionals are essential
Key program characteristics
  • Broad-based and inclusive, with information-focused fields from different disciplinary and professional viewpoints
  • Flexible curriculum, customizable to each individual student's interests and needs
  • You may choose a particular focus, or take a broad range of courses (including non-iSchool courses) or participate in a collaborative program with other U of T graduate departments
  • You may choose a thesis option
  • The program may be taken on a part-time basis

Computer Competencies
View the expectations with using information technologies.

These prescribed options highlight core research strengths and allow you to explore aspects of information within particular professions or research traditions.



  • Explore a novel interdisciplinary area or a special development in a particular discipline.



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