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Sarah Flynn’s career reflects top career rankings.

The Faculty of Information graduate holds a job recently ranked as one of the “Best Technology” jobs to have, according to a US News & World Report survey ranking of 100 Best Jobs in 2014 by industry. The top three technology jobs are Software Developer, Computer Systems Analyst, and Web Developer.

The iSchool was not surprised to learn of the need for these technology jobs, as we prepare students for these careers – knowing the future is bright.

Computer Systems Analyst could mean any role under this broad term and is suitable for candidates who take a Masters degree with a concentration in information systems, just like the one the iSchool offers (Information Systems Analysis & Design).

“The people-interaction orientation of this career path is very strong, even compared to the #1-ranked job of Software Developer. We tend to attract Computer Science students who prefer more people interaction, which matches our training and course repertoire. But really, students from various backgrounds follow this concentration,” says Professor Eric Yu, whose research focuses on the analysis and design of information systems and services in social contexts.

The most common job role among IS&D grads is IT business analyst, which is the same as Computer Systems Analyst, and a common position in the banking industry.

A perfect example, Sarah completed her Masters of Information in Information Systems & Design in 2011 after studying computer science at the University of Guelph. With this, she started her career working as a Business Systems Analyst in the Enterprise Information Management Department at the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC). In this position, Sarah worked within the bank's data warehouse to gather project requirements and communicate them throughout the development team. While she started as a systems analyst, she has since been promoted to an analyst role in the performance strategy and reporting group.

Sarah says her course work with Professor Yu helped her obtain document presentation skills, taught her to think critically, and be proficient at “optimization,” which is being able to analyze the current state of a situation.

“Immediately, I knew my acquired knowledge at the iSchool could be applied within the data warehousing group at the bank. I was able to apply what I had learned to think about information in a structural way in my work with business intelligence and reporting,” Sarah says.

Once a student enters the Master of Information program, we can help identify courses to build a students’ career as a Computer Systems Analyst or Web Developer. Other relevant careers that the iSchool prepares students for include the ranked number nine position of Computer Programmer (Knowledge Management Design stream), and ranked eleven, Computer Support Specialist (Identify, Privacy & Security collaborative program).

The overall score for the US News ranking were calculated from seven component measures: 10-year growth volume, 10-year growth percentage, median salary, employment rate, future job prospects, stress level and work-life balance.

Read the full rankings.

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