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Monday July 8, 2013
This is the new iSchool website which was designed primarily for the benefit of external audiences.

New Look & Features
Topics are streamlined into six main categories at the top, and there are lots of new features such as:

  • Design is responsive to viewing on mobile devices
  • Direct links to program areas from home page
  • Expanded news and event on homepage
  • Social media directory
  • Site directory
  • Re-organized faculty directory
  • Expanded student profiles
  • New maps and directions to the iSchool
  • Stronger relevance of side bar items to page content

What About The Former Site?
Over the next month the former site will be reconfigured as a Portal for current students and internal stakeholders (staff, faculty, alumni, employers), with users gaining access through a log-in/password system.

Access the former site from the top right page link for CURRENT STUDENTS PORTAL. The revised URL is

Job Site
A site of job listings is maintained by the iSchool for the iSchool community: current students, alumni, staff and faculty.

As a courtesy, the listings have been viewable by the general public. Eventually, access to the service will be made exclusive to the iSchool community.

Course Information
Course listings, timetables and sessional dates are not yet available on the new site. Access them by going to the 'old' site.

Testing & Feedback
The site will be in beta mode for four weeks, which should give everyone enough time to try out the new sections, test the site’s functionality, and see what issues may come up.

During this testing period, you will find empty pages, meaning many of us are still working on our sections, updating information, or adding new copy, before it becomes fully functional.

You are welcome to provide suggestions, report any issues, or tell us your impressions.

Below is a list of “Known Issues” that we are aware of, and are working on. Please consult this list to ensure your feedback would not be repetitive.

Keep the site open in this tab/window, while you complete the feedback form in a new tab/window.

Known Issues We're Working On

  • Dead links:
    old links may still be active during the beta phase - in the URL try typing in replacement text for www.ischool with current.ischool
  • 'Ghosting'/Greyed-out list of sub-menu items
  • Course listings are not yet available on the new site.
  • list of PhD students to be added.


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